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Vessels of Honors' goal is to inspire women of God in a special way. Many women are intimidated by their past, their circumstances or by the erroneous belief that because they are women, they are destined to a life of subservient existence.  Therefore, they have not fully realized their potential in God. This is due in part because of the cultural barriers that existed at the time the Bible was written and still exist in some cultures. 2 Timothy 2:20 reminds us to "purge" or rid ourselves of any thing that hinders us from becoming that "vessel of honor" that God can use.   Romans 2:11 reminds us "there is no respect of persons with God".  

When the Lord Jesus Christ came, He broke tradition and elevated the status of women wherever he went. With the leading of the Holy Spirit, this Ministry was born to tear down walls of bondage and to encourage every woman to move beyond her past, her circumstances and tradition and to reach her highest potential, her zenith in God.


3rd Saturday of every month

Fellowship Hall at 10:00 am (refreshments served at 9:30 am)


Minister Sandra Rawlings, Ministry Leader






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"Seniors in Touch" offers many opportunities for anyone sixty years of age or older who are working or retired, able or disabled, married or single, rich or poor, to be strengthened and encouraged every day in their walk with God.


The Senior’s Ministry is designed to serve the needs of the senior adult members of Highland Church.  We want to ensure that no one is lost or forgotten, even if they are confined to their own home or an assisted living facility.





4th Saturday of every month

Room 2 | 3rd Floor at 10:00AM


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